Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution

How did you all get into New Orleans-style music and flare and what really inspired you to exude all that it encompasses? You all sure know how to inspire letting the good times roll! Thanks!

Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution responded on 04/08/2011

Hi I really appreciate this question. My love affair with the music and charm of New Orleans really took off when I became a resident of the famous French Quarter, over a decade ago. I've been an ambassador for The Big Easy ever since. Along with havin' a great time, I feel that the USA needs to pay more attention to the joys and charms that were born there out of some dire circumstances. Basically, the undeniable uplifting power of the music is what drives the Love Revival Revolution. Hope to see you joining the 2nd line at our next Love Revival!

Thanks, Rev. Dean Dawg

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