Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution

What are the names of the players?I like guys but the two ladies were fantastic...saw you 9/10.

The music was such fun! You guys are fun!! And seem very nice!!! And I love your the name of the group.

Brother Joscephus and the Love Revolution responded on 09/13/2011

Thanks so much, we had such a great time! Here's the lineup:
Brother Joscephus
The Right Reverend Dean Dawg

The Guardians of The Groove include:
Reverend Deacon Big Bottom - Bass
Pepé le Groove - Drums
Cool Hands Luke - 6-string Electric Guitar
Brother Ben Jive - Mandolin, Harmonica, and

The Shepherds of The Wind include
Gospel Spice - Saxophone and Clarinet
Dr. Cornelius McSorely, LD (the Love Doctor) - Trumpet
String Bean McGillicutty - Trombone

The Voices of Reason include:
Seoul Sistah #1 - Soprano Vocals
Bayou Lulu - Alto Vocals

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